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UHG cliffhanger.

hahaha good as ever. awesome episode, keep it up!


nice, keep up the good work!

Well dude, not the best topic to use

but still funny non the less so I guess I'll give you some credit. so keep it up!

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the only thing unique about this game is the artwork.

1 star for art.
1 and a half for the work put into it.

make this game downloadable, no seriously awesome game!

you need to update.

no seriously we all love this thing, but it needs to be updated with a wider range of songs and all of the sub genres and new genres added since this came out.

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whoa man. I've been going back through my favorites list on newgrounds and I came back across you. and I gotta say I gotta gets me some new shaggy to listen too.

Wow, I was looking through my Reviews with Replies folder and saw you; I feel all nostalgic now.

By the way, that was one of the better intros to an ambiance song that I have heard on new grounds, especially with the longer 'fade-in.' Usually people fall into the trap of having a two through eight second long intro or a obnoxiously long minute and a half of white sound.

Qelaion responds:

ehehe I feel you; I really missed this place and its somewhat tight community, but I moved on to Soundcloud and stopped uploading here mostly due to the tedious uploading system and the lack of interaction with listeners. Thanks for sticking around, and thanks for the compliments <3

Wow, this is a vary well made song. I can tell some of the sounds you used could have been better made, but the way you blended them all together in such a way that I could ignore it vary easily. That made me enjoy this song vary much!

combatplayer responds:

thanks a lot!
the worst samples in the bunch are probably the cello ones and some of the percussion samples, where as the best would be the piano in the background. really need to get me a better sample library lol. FL doesn't come with much for non-techno music.

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nice, I really enjoyed this one!

ahahahah nice on the coffee cup

worlds best dad lol nice i love ths picture

thats really good i love it

makes me want to finish my book tho so prty much its that good to inspire me to write more

altrian responds:

Awesome, glad it helped :D

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