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There are many traits that I posses, inherit or not - that I consider to be good and an overall plus to me, my life, and to those-

around me. Some of these traits that I perceive to be good may be just that ... perceived, and are actually a negative to my-

livelihood. There is one trait I have singled out over the span of my life, this trait is the ability to spend long periods of time

working on one thing. It can also be called endurance, so lets call it just that, and then take a look at what the word itself

means and how it applies to me.

Endurance can be summarized as withstanding long periods of some force or situation. As such - I have been able to

spend long periods of time browsing the internet, doing some outside housework, cleaning, or writing. I likewise consider

good to my livelihood because most things require time, whether or not it requires a significant amount of time is

completely dependent on the genre of the activity itself. And as such, I rest my case.

(just a note to all of you, this was made in the intent that it was only practice and nothing really serious)

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