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Posted by lilfozzy - May 10th, 2013

There are many traits that I posses, inherit or not - that I consider to be good and an overall plus to me, my life, and to those-

around me. Some of these traits that I perceive to be good may be just that ... perceived, and are actually a negative to my-

livelihood. There is one trait I have singled out over the span of my life, this trait is the ability to spend long periods of time

working on one thing. It can also be called endurance, so lets call it just that, and then take a look at what the word itself

means and how it applies to me.

Endurance can be summarized as withstanding long periods of some force or situation. As such - I have been able to

spend long periods of time browsing the internet, doing some outside housework, cleaning, or writing. I likewise consider

good to my livelihood because most things require time, whether or not it requires a significant amount of time is

completely dependent on the genre of the activity itself. And as such, I rest my case.

(just a note to all of you, this was made in the intent that it was only practice and nothing really serious)

Posted by lilfozzy - November 26th, 2010

this is a little extra short I wrote when I was like 13 when I first got into writing... enjoy if not show all the problems (grammar I know it sucks but I didn't want to polish up the short that I started up with!

by ~lilfozzy

She was losing it all, she gambled everything on that she could beat the master of the darkest army to ever face the fallen world. Blow by blow he was beating her down, and every time he did she would step backwards. Step by step into the hole that was in the center of the tower. she parried a blow to the knee and bashed him with her elbow, he staggered and she swiped at him with her sword but he recovered and blocked her blow and punched her square in the face. and she retreated even more. "Gotta find a way to get to him". But there was no time to think at all, her free hand glowed bright blue and gray and she launched a bolt of lightning at him; He fell back and she lunged for his chest but once again as if he gained strength from her aggressiveness , he recovered and kicked out. She managed to backstep but to the wrong blow. "game over" she thought. and he stabbed her straight in the knee then slashed her upper shoulder. She staggered and fell to one knee the other was bleeding badly and her shoulder plate managed to take most of the damage to her upper shoulder, but it was to late to come back he was already in front of her and raising his blade for the final blow, she saw her only chance and she took it. her hand glowed green and she grabbed hold of his wrist used his weight to pick her up as he lost balance, and she stabbed him through the heart. In reply to this he retreated but he took the sword out lost his balance again and stumbled. "there are no happy endings in this story dear, only death for both of us now, I would expect no less from your mothers daughter, and I would think twice before thinking you've won this battle hag". He stepped forward with all his weight and swung his heavy sword, it hit her across the chest and she fell back to her knee, then he stabbed her in the heart. Or at least where he thought it was it was really badly aimed but still did it's job. she fell onto her belly and started breathing fast. Just then he kicked her down the hole then the sword came down with it 'unknowingly, but if i'd had known then it would have been the same story I am telling you'. She hit water at least she thought it was water and started to sink deeper and deeper till she could hardly see the light coming from the surface. "light in a cave" she thought, but just then something grabbed hold of her as if hugging her. It was gentle tho and she thought it had hands grabbing her then the rest of it's body touched hers then she thought of something in a male voice "I've got you, it's ok", she didn't know how that happened those were not her thoughts, something invaded her mind and, no it was gentle to the touch with her it was welcome into her mind, but who could this be that she welcomed into her mind that it came and shared it's warmth. Then it happened a split second later everything went dark and once again she heard the same voice and the same words in her mind again but in a different tone. She also wondered if she blacked out or not everything was dark was she even still alive, then as if knowing what she thought the figure hugged her and she felt a tear hit her shoulder, under water this would have been fine but where was she, and she found that she loved this figure and she didn't know why she was comforted by it, and then she blacked-out as if she was falling asleep for the first time in months!

Posted by lilfozzy - August 2nd, 2009

Looking for any writers who are interested in a war-zombie-sci/fi story of the three different genres, PM me if you are interested